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Do you want me to wrench myself around and tear myself in two because you can’t make up your mind? Because you won’t stay with anything?
— Ernest Hemingway, from The Garden Of Eden (via sunpills)

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*wakes up* what the fuck

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imagine if butterflies were like people and they fell in love

how would they describe that feeling in their stomach

"I get really really gnatty in my stomach when I see him"


changing the date on your paper so your teacher doesn’t think you’re a procrastinator

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How I clean my room:


•start at one corner
•find something from 5 years ago and stare at it nostalgically for 10 hours
•go to bed

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your nose looks better than you think it does and running makes things feel easier and cows are a gift from whatever you believe in and encapsulating yourself in things you are scared of can be good for you and the baby spiders that are born in your windowsill will always love you and sleeping with the blinds open will make the mornings much easier and it feels good to lay in the grass even if it is wet
— the things i learned over the course of a year (via grassfaerie)

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You will always be there for me

you were worth 
every hour 
of sleep i missed

but i was never worth
a second 
of your time

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eyebrow game strong? more like eyeBAG game strong. i’m fucking exhausted. haha lol

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I choose you. And I’ll choose you, over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.
— My Hearth (via kvtes)

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.
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Will I be something?
Am I something?

And the answer comes:
You already are.
You always were.
And you still have time to be.

— Anis Mojgani  (via sky-sketch)

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